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Download Blip

Your download will start in a moment...if not click here to download Blip.

Step by Step Installation Instructions

Once download for Blip has finished follow these steps to complete installation.

  1. Open your Downloads folder in Finder.
  2. Locate a file named Blip.dmg.
  3. Double click that file to mount the volume.
  4. After a moment a new window opens. There drag and drop Blip into the Applications folder.
  5. In that same window press Command+E to eject the Volume.
    Alternatively you can also "Eject" the Volume by right-clicking the window, or "Blip" on your desktop, or on the left side of Finder and choosing "Eject".
  6. Open your Applications folder (or Launchpad) and locate "Blip.app". Double click to open.
  7. macOS will inform you that the app was scanned for maleware and no problems were found. Click "Open" to finish launching Blip.
  8. Done. Thanks for using Blip!

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