Blip — a simple box to take notes

Write notes with the press of a shortcut. Tag if it feels good or bad and browse the entries on a daily to yearly basis.

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Available for macOS Catalina (10.15) or newer. One-time payment, use forever. 7-day trial & 14-day money back guarantee.

How it works

  1. Open Blip with a shortcut (Command+Shift+Space)
  2. Write your entry and rate if it feels good, bad, both, or keep it neutral
  3. Review your entries at a later date

Work notes, journal, and more...

With Blip you can take quick work notes throughout your day. Keep a log of what you are working on for example. Then at the end of the day or week review them to see what you worked on.

You can use Blip as your daily journal to track how you are feeling throughout the day, if anything is bothering you in the moment, etc.

You can also bring up Blip quickly while watching a video to take notes and review them later — even in full-screen. No need to pause the video.

Markus Bodner

Hi, I'm Markus (@tuacker) creator of Blip. I use it to keep a record of what I am working on throughout the day and as a place to journal.

I hope Blip can be as useful to you as it is to me. If you have any questions don't hesitate to get in contact via email or on twitter.

Blip is not for taking sophisticated notes. There is no styling, no headings or anything like that — only plain text. It is meant for jotting down a note and return to whatever you are actually doing.

I personally care a lot about speed and privacy. Blip stores everything in a database right on your Mac. No data ever leaves your device and is available at all times, even when offline.

This is but the first version of Blip. As time goes on I want to introduce prompts — automated questions like: "How are you doing right now?". These you'll be able to set up for yourself, scheduled at specific intervals.

There'll also be a way to (automatically) export entries to Markdown, CSV, … soon. Besides that a further version will add search functionality and, maybe, sophisticated #tagging of entries.

— Markus

Where can I find my license?

After a successful purchase you'll receive an email from Paddle (our payment provider) with the receipt and your License Key.

Make sure to check your Spam folder.

I lost my receipt/email, how do I recover my license?

Check out the Recover License page for detailed instructions.

How much does Blip cost?

Blip costs $20 (or €20) inclusive any applicable taxes. The purchase is a one-time payment.

How long can I use Blip after buying?

Once you've purchased Blip you can keep using the app forever.

You'll also receive updates for free for at least one year. After that, or for major new versions, you might have to pay an upgrade fee to receive further updates.

Even if you do not upgrade, you'll be able to continue using the last version for as long as you like!

Is there a trial version?

Yes for seven days. Download and install Blip. The 7-day trial will automatically start on first launch.

I want a refund

Please get in contact with support at There is a 14-day no questions asked refund policy. Refunds after a longer period may be available on a case-by-case basis.

Installation guide

Once the download for Blip has finished follow these steps to complete installation.

  1. Open your Downloads folder in Finder.
  2. Locate a file named Blip.dmg.
  3. Double click that file to mount the volume.
  4. After a moment a new window opens. There drag and drop Blip into the Applications folder.
  5. In that same window press Command+E to eject the Volume.
    Alternatively you can also "Eject" the Volume by right-clicking the window, or "Blip" on your desktop, or on the left side of Finder and choosing "Eject".
  6. Open your Applications folder (or Launchpad) and locate "". Double click to open.
  7. macOS will inform you that the app was scanned for maleware and no problems were found. Click "Open" to finish launching Blip.
  8. Done. Thanks for using Blip!
What is "Paddle" — I purchased Blip and this appears on my credit card statement?

Paddle is the payment provider used for selling Blip. They appear as "Merchant of Record" on your credit card statements and similar.